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March 19, 2011
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630 (who?)

And I guess I can add some descriptions about each one of them. So, prepare for a WALL OF TEXT. (The concept of the descriptions are based off of ~ColonelCarnotaurus's, I DO HOPE HE DOESN'T MIND)

Marianne, 20, 5'8"
Mari moved out of her humble home in a berry farm, wanting to travel and explore Unova. However, she gained an interest in battling after a certain Johto team was visiting a city that she happened to visit. While she had never paid much attention to battling before, she couldn't help but be mesmerized by how graceful and intense battles can be and soon wanted to be part of the action. Marianne is a gentle woman, despite her intimidating appearance saying otherwise, and is able to stay calm in most dire situations. However, she often bottles up her emotions, especially her own insecurity about her appearance and weight. She never tells anyone this, not wanting to worry her teammates.

Spencer, 23, 6'1"
Spencer had always wanted to become a policeman, but he believed that his lack of self-esteem was too much of a drawback and so he dropped this dream and became a librarian instead. Marianne, upon meeting him for the first time, told him that he shouldn't have given up on his dream so easily and proposed that he join her team hopefully to overcome his shyness and gain the strength needed to become a policeman. Spencer agreed and, thanks to Marianne, was able to show his true potential, showing tremendous strength while battling. At a first glance, Spencer does not come off as a timid person at all until someone tries to talk to him. Then he becomes a nervous and bumbling wreck. He only overcomes this shyness when getting close to friends.

Jerry, 21, 5'11"
Jerry first met Marianne when he was a musician performing on the streets. He was happy where he was, but he wanted to become a rock star and perform alongside the most famous musicians. Impressed by his musical talents and several acrobatic tricks he would perform, Marianne asked if he wanted to join her team so they could participate in the Pokémon League and hopefully gain enough recognition for him to perform. Jerry happily accepted her invitation, excited to be able to battle and perform. While Jerry has a relaxed desposition, he is a bit of a trickster and enjoys playing jokes on others, even while battling (i.e. leaving a less-damaging Seed Bomb in someone's pocket). Jerry always carries his guitar with him for any occasion where music is needed.

Wally, 18, 5'6"
The youngest member of the team, Wally lived in a large mansion on top of a large hill and lived a luxurious life. Despite getting everything that he wanted, he almost always lonely and relied on playing tricks on others for entertainment, leaving him with almost no friends. During a rainy day, Marianne and the others took refuge in Wally's mansion where he took the chance in playing tricks on them. Jerry, impressed by these tricks, was able to find Wally and play some tricks on him as well. IT WAS AMAZING. After things had settled down, Wally apologized for his behavior and let the team stay for the night. After the rain had stopped, Marianne saw Wally's impressive potential and invited him to join their team. Wally accepted, wanting to explore the region and happy to have gained some new friends and a good comrade to play pranks with.

Nakia, 19(?), 5'3"
Poor Nakia had an untimely death in her youth, and became a Yamask on Arceus's behalf. Traumatized by the experience of having to be brought back to life, she was forced to live in what was left of her home for several centuries. When the team had unknowingly trespassed in her home, she felt threatened by their presence and attacked the team. After calming her down, Mari offered Nakia a position in the team, hoping to give Nakia a chance to live a good live to make up for all the torture she had to endure. Nakia was, at first, reluctant, but soon accepted the offer and became BFF's with Mari. Like Mari, Nakia is able to stay peaceful in most situations, especially since none seemed as bad as what she went through, haha. She finds joy in almost everything, having never lived in the modern world before. Nakia enjoys eating gold, to the dismay of most of her teammates who would occasionally find their nuggets missing.

Wilbert, 23(?), 6'0"
Thanks to advanced technology, scientists were able to completely revive a Cover Fossil. However, Wilbert (Experiment Turtle) was not too excited about being put into this entirely new world. He was confused, frightened, and attacked many scientists that he thought were going to hurt him. Believing that he was not ready for the world, they locked him up for further research. However, he escaped shortly afterwards, met Mari later that day and attacked her team. But after getting a good beating from Jerry, the rest of the team tried communicating with him only to realize that he spoke in an ancient (Elizabethan) dialect. With much difficulty, Mari manages to understand him (a little) and help him understand the new world. During this time, he had stayed with Mari long enough until he officially became an important member of the team. Wilbert is a man of justice, but he is unfortunately very gullible, often times letting the wrong people get away without him ever knowing that they were committing a crime. But thanks to Mari, he learns from his mistakes and quickly punishes them for tricking him. Because he is living in an entirely new world, Wil is confused about the smallest things such as forks and spoons, but he is always willing to learn.

Pokémon © Game Freak/Nintendo
Team Fiddlesticks © ~BechnoKid
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Weretoons101 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Heh funny, My Swoobat has the same nature and ability.
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i like nakia, she looks creepy! ~nyaa!
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