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July 12, 2012
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SoulSilver Team 2 by BechnoKid SoulSilver Team 2 by BechnoKid
So a few months ago, I had already traded the SUPER BROS. from SoulSilver onto White, WHICH NOW LETS ME RESTART THE GAME, MWAHAHAHA. So here's the new team! I also followed *ky-nim's concept for the profiles because it's actually really organized, I hope she doesn't mind that alsjfdhg.

Maria, Sturdy
Maria is the patient and well-mannered tank of the team. She was the first to join the team when Izzy got lost in a cave without his flashlight (SILLY IZZY). Maria helped him out of the cave and in return, Izzy let her join the team. She was already powerful as a Graveler, but when the team accidentally separated, she was able to reunite with them and evolved into a Golem in the process. Way to go, girl!

Maria enjoys a good fight, but she knows when to back off. She comes off as intimidating sometimes, being the second tallest in the team (at 6'). However, she's actually very feminine and she makes the freaking best tea when the team is resting. She is also be considered as the mother of the group and sometimes tends to baby Izzy, Finn, and Mei Li.


Petey, Swarm (traded)
Petey is a jazz musician who always performs in duets with his best friend and partner, Wiley. The two of them joined the team after the duo got into a bad fight in Violet City with some other musicians. Maria and Izzy saved both of them from certain peril and since then they have been important teammates.

Petey may seem calm most of the time, but he is very, VERY quick to fight, especially if his partner is in danger. Other than that, he loves playing on the saxophone for his teammates as well as playing small and harmless pranks.


Izzy, Overgrow
Izzy is and will always be a botany geek. He started travelling around Johto in order to study more plants, but he didn't know that he'd end up battling in the Johto League. Although he never intended to become a battler, he is rather skilled and battles using his wide knowledge in botany. He lacks a lot of self-confidence, but thanks to his many battles, he has become much stronger...if not geekier.

Being a bookwork, Izzy does not know much about the outside world and has a very limited knowledge in pop culture and other urban references. But he's still learning, if not embarrassing himself in the process. However, despite his lack of street smarts, he is very friendly if not VERY socially awkward, but that's why he's lucky to have Petey and Wiley to help him out.


Mei Li, Static
Mei Li is a young martial artist and is considered to be a prodigy at her age (13). She lived most of her life near the Ruins of Alph training to become the best martial artist. She joined the team (with permission from her parents) in the hopes of becoming even better than she was before. Despite being a very good fighter, she does not quite realize that there is more to life than just fighting.

Even though she likes everybody in the team (especially Maria's tea), she gets along with Finn the most since both share a great interest in adventure. She is a sweet young girl and is quite affectionate, much to everyone's chagrin. For you see...she does not realize her own strength sometimes.


Finn, Hustle
No one knows where this 13-year-old boy came from, but he claims to have come from a different world. Finn is currently looking for an old friend of his, who has mysteriously disappeared and Finn will stop at nothing to find him. The team offered to help him search for his friend and in the meantime also help him become stronger (he was only a Togepi when they met him).

Finn is obviously a boy with a sense of adventure. He loves looking for weird things during his travels and keeps a lot of artifacts in his backpack. He also has a big crush on Mei Li, but SHHHHH.


Wiley, Swift Swim (traded)
Wiley is a jazz musician and is best friends and partnered with Petey. He rarely ever talks and instead expresses himself in song and playing the clarinet. Even though he gladly joined the team, he rebelled against the team after Mei Li broke his clarinet, thinking that he did not take battling seriously. He didn't really leave, he just did everything opposite of what the team wanted as a way to get back at Mei Li. Both were quite stubborn and Wiley didn't get back to normal until Mei Li FINALLY apologized to him and helped get his clarinet fixed.

Wiley did not get along with Mei Li very well after the incident with his clarinet, and even after that he and Mei Li still get into fights now and then because of their differing personalities. Finn is relaxed to an extent that Mei Li can tolerate, but Wiley is much more laid-back and lazy, which drives Mei Li crazy. However, no one can resist his music when he and Petey perform together.

Pokémon © Game Freak/Nintendo
Characters and artwork © ~BechnoKid
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